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Cameroon: Over ten roadside counters destroyed by Y’de City Council agents in Melen

One of the roadside stores completely destroyed (c) copyright Ariane Foguem

About fifteen business counters constructed along the road from Carrefour Emia to the Melen neignbourhoods in Yaounde have been demolished by City Council agents.

The operation that took place under the supervision of some Yaounde City Council agents and guarded by police took place late Wednesday December 2 breaking Thursday.

Two caterpillar machines mercilessly brought down the counters constituting of restaurants, bars, kiosks, and stores to name but this under the watchful and desperate eyes of some owners.

According to one of the Council agent present, they were all notified to leave the roadside about three months ago or see their stores demolished.

Speaking to Journal du Cameroon, some of the victims present admitted they had been notified but said they expected the Council to give them a new area for their businesses and not bring down what puts food on their tables and send their kids to school, worse of it at night.


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