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Cameroon: PAP condemns recent killings in restive Anglophone regions

The Popular Action Party, PAP has strongly condemned the recent “manslaughter” of “vulnerable” civilians in the two restive English speaking regions of Cameroon and called on President Biya to accept a “genuine ceasefire pace talk” as the only way out of the crisis that has caused untold sufferings to the population.

In a statement issued Wednesday August 12, the Popular Action Party expresses deep concern with the level at which the killing of civilians in the crisis-stricken Anglophone regions of the country have gotten to an unaccepted intensity recently.

“It is appalling, the gruesome images and videos we have seen circulating on social media these last few days where humans are slaughtered in broad day light, without any iota of remorse…” the statement partly says.

“The Popular Action Party condemns such barbaric inhuman acts, calls on all separatist leaders at home and at broad to, the ground zero fighters, the Government of the Republic, and all other stakeholders involved in the ongoing crisis turned into a genocidal money-making opportunity by some blood thirsty and hungry monsters to refrain from untold violence against the population.”

In the statement, the party calls on the Head of State to assume his responsibility as leader in Cameroon and accept a genuine dialogue that will lead to a ceasefire in the troubled regions.

It reminds the UNO that due to the prevailing situation in the two English speaking regions, there can’t be any meaningful development and as such urges the international organisation to pressure the Government of Cameroon and separatists to drop their arms and engage in talks for the good of the population and the country as a whole.

In less than two weeks, four people were brutally killed in the two regions, including an aid worker, two women accused of being blacklegs and a teacher allegedly because he invigilated the GCE exams.

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