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Cameroon: Parents raise alarm over disappearance of three female students in Yaounde

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Three female students of a private secondary school in the Mvog-Beti neighbourhood in Yaounde, Centre region of Cameroon have been declared missing after some three weeks of unfruitful search, reports have confirmed.

According to reports, the three form five students identified as Essama Bille Paola, Grace Pascale Dang and Christelle Ndzengue Fouda aged 14 and 15 left their homes on November 4, 2019 and have not been seen since then.

The Discipline master of the school disclosed that the school authorities noticed their absence after they embarked on a school fee drive for the first instalment last November 4.

One of the girls had her school fee completed, but she reportedly stopped attending classes.

When questioned, her classmates said she always came to school with other clothes for the swimming pool in her bag, dodged all her classes to go and have fun.

Before their departure, the girls are reported to have left a note that reads “We the students of Groupe scolaire Fusee who were beaten at the school campus are fed up, don’t look for us, we are far away from Yaounde…”

The parents have publicly pleaded for the girls to come back home.

Though the three students left their homes weeks ago, eye witness accounts say they were last seen in Mfou some six days ago.

The police to whom the matter was reported has opened investigations to unravel the mystery surrounding their disappearance.





Published on 03.01.2023

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