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Cameroon : Parliament to Adopt Bill on Anti – Corruption

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While waiting for the President of the Republic to finally initiate the process of promulgation of an anti-corruption law, a parliamentary network created with the aim of proposing efficient solutions to fight against this scourge is multiplying its appeals.


The state’s coffers once again suffered a significant deficit in 2021 due to the multiplication of acts of corruption. According to the latest report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission conac for the year 2021, presented on 23 September 2022, the financial damage to the state amounts to 43.947 billion CFA francs. This is an increase of 26.336 billion F in absolute value compared to the year 2020, where the same damage was established at 17.611 billion FCFA, and 149.54% in relative value.

To remedy this scourge that seems to drag on, the Conac has as usual, again preached the urgency of adopting an anti-corruption law, a copy of which was developed by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Conac and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been submitted for 10 years to the appreciation of Paul Biya. She did not forget to plead on the same occasion for the drafting and adoption of a law on illicit enrichment.

Those who are accustomed to leafing through the reports of the Conac will certainly say, but certainly necessary in that these recommendations can be considered as tacit reminders formulated by this structure placed under the authority of the presidency of the Republic, to Paul Biya, whose decisions are rarely stamped with the seal of celerity.
The Head of State nevertheless agrees that it is important to strengthen the fight against corruption.


Although he did not announce any major initiatives in this regard in his speech to the nation on 31 October 2022, he did promise that all those who enrich themselves illegally by plundering the state, at whatever level, ‘will be held to account’. And what better way to do this than with an anti-corruption law? The Network of Cameroonian Parliamentarians against Corruption  believes in this.k

Published on 05.05.2023

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