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Cameroon: Pastor injured in Bali church shootings says military responsible

Rev. Voma Simon, pastor injured when unidentified gunmen rained bullets at the Presbyterian Church Ntafoang in Bali, North West region of Cameroon killing one Christian during mass last August 22 has accused the military of committing the act.

The Rev who is still recovering from the injury he sustained made the declaration in a letter to his Christians read by elder Tafrey Patrick, Presbytery Chairman for Bali during church service Sunday October 17 at the Presbyterian Church Ntafoang where the shootings took place.

In the said letter, Rev. Voma Simon states clearly that soldiers fired the bullets that sent him to the hospital and killed one of the Christians.

“…Since my health began to deteriorate too fast after being shot by the military during which our sister, Grace Titalabit was shot by the same military and she died right in the Church…” The letter partly reads.

The incident last August 22 had shocked many as images immediately went viral on social media showing Christians at the Presbyterian Church, Bali in total panic after one woman had succumbed to bullet wounds and the pastor seriously injured.

The Presbyterian Church reacting to the fatal shootings condemned the desecration of the Church and called for investigations to be opened.

Sunday October 17’s service marked the reopening of the PC Ntafoang doors after separatist fighters banned the Church from operating in Bali until the Moderator, the Rt Rev. Samuel Fonki Forba resigns on grounds that he failed to condemn government forces for carrying out the shooting.

Meanwhile, the army refuted allegations from some PC Bali Christians and separatists indicting its forces and instead pointed an accusing finger on the latter.

Speaking to Cameroon News Agency after the incident, one of the Christians present during the shooting narrated the following.

“We were inside the church this Sunday and heard gunshots fired by Government forces on patrol. The Pastor (Rev. Muntoh Simon) said we should not be afraid, we mustered courage and continued praying but at some point, all of us slept on the floor. They came and stood at Ntanfoang around the roundabout leading to the Palace and just beside the Church. There was an explosive that was planted there. The explosive detonated causing the government forces to react by shooting their wild guns, big guns that left holes on the walls of the Church. The Pastor was delivering the last prayer and immediately after that, he left from his spot and made just a few steps, a bullet passed through the Centenary Hall, entered the Church, and hit him on his hand. Another bullet hit the woman (Grace Titalabit) who died…”

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church is yet to react to Rev. Voma Simon’s declaration.


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