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Cameroon: Paul Biya convenes national dialogue to solve Anglophone crisis

The Head of State Paul Biya has convened has convened a grand national dialogue at the end of this month to seek solutions to solve the crisis in the North West and South regions of Cameroon.

Paul Biya made the announcement during his address to the nation on Tuesday night as he called on all Cameroonians to put hands on deck for peace to return to Cameroon.

The Head of State said the dialogue which will be held in the days ahead will bring togethre all Cameroonians from the four corners of the country to equally talk to living together and bilingualism.

The Head of State said a mission will be sent to the regions in the days ahead to discuss with various stakeholers on the mode of dialogue.

Another mission will be sent to the diaspora to consult with Cameroonians who wish to dialogue within the context of the constitution, Paul Biya said.


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Published on 28.04.2020

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