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Cameroon: Paul Biya Discuss Anglophone crisis, Food security, with French president Emmanuel Macron

paul biya emmanual macron
Franco cameroon ties

The first leg of his tour begins in Cameroon as he meets  President Paul Biya on July 26th to discuss security issues and the fast growing food scarcity caused by the Russo-Ukraine war.


At the end of his previous term, the French president organized a new format of his Africa-France summit, meeting with what has been described as “Africa’s new driving forces”. During his stay in Cameroon, President Macron, in addition to the country’s authorities, has met with local representatives of these “new interlocutors” that France has chosen on the continent.

He will discuss climate issues and local participatory democracy with them. A conference-debate on food security and the role of the private sector is also planned.

According to the French press, which quotes the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron is expected to discuss investment opportunities in agriculture in Cameroon through the Food & Agriculture Resilience Mission initiative, which aims to ensure food security in the most vulnerable countries.

Cameroon amongst other African nation is facing food security issues due to their dependence on Russian massive production has greatly being handicapped.

The mineral-rich central African nation is a major food producer for the region and Macron’s delegation will seek investment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Since the Russo Ukraine war, Cameroon has undergone  drastic increase in price of basic comodities such as oilo,sugar,cereals and most recently fuel shortage causing a queue in most fuel stations.

Emmanuel Macron then seeks to reorganize investment pools in other to generate food productivity in the country , a win-win deal he says . Cameroon, the leading economic power in the CEMAC zone and an obligatory logistical passage for countries such as Chad and CAR, remains a strategic interlocutor.

President Macron had promised a break with the system of relations that prevailed between France and its former colonies in sub-Saharan Africa after independence. Among the acts that have marked the news, there is the revision of monetary cooperation agreements with the WAEMU zone. But

Security – Anglophone crisis

From this visit of President Macron, Cameroon has the right to expect support for the reconstruction of the North West, South West and the Far North and the strengthening of the decentralization process,” said the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.

These changes do not seem to be enough to reduce the anti-French sentiment that is spreading among a significant part of public opinion in this sub-region.

The country is experiencing some political tensions and has to endure a double security crisis, that inherited from the destabilization of the Sahel and that imposed by armed groups in its English-speaking regions, its leaders manage to contain the violence, despite limited resources.

Cameroon seems to be the ideal place to launch this constructive dialogue on the effective reform of relations between Paris and its former colonial territories. Beyond the political or governance challenges, widely highlighted by the French media, the authorities of this country have managed, over the years, to build an environment where several categories of economic actors find their interests.

Published on 03.01.2023

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