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Cameroon: PCC condemns attacks on church, civilians in Anglophone regions

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The Presbyterian Church Cameroon, PCC has strongly condemned recent attacks on “God’s people” other civilians and their property in the crisis-hit North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

In a strongly worded release issued this Wednesday January 22, 2020, the PCC says it has had reports on the havoc caused by alleged security forces, armed fighters and herdsmen on the population of some localities in the two English Speaking regions.

“For a couple of weeks now, we have had reports and graphic images of barbaric and inhuman acts such as gunshots, killing, colossal and collateral destruction of properties through the burning of houses in some localities and villages in the North West and South West regions…” Part of the release reads.

In what it has described as “sacrilegious to the worship of God”, the PCC says an ordained pastor of its obedience was last Sunday in Bali Nyongha, North West region arrested in a church compound after worship service, brutalized, incarcerated and later on released.

“As a church of God and in keeping with our prophetic voice, we strongly condemn the perpetrators of these acts of violence on God’s people and fellow compatriots….These acts of violence do no good to the fragile efforts on the ground to return people and activities to normalcy…” It further highlights.

“Enough is enough, stop this violence, stop killing God’s children and stop destroying the earth, it does not advance any good and does not legitimate any course, neither does it progress human civilization…”

“For God’s sake, can we unite and genuinely seek a lasting solution to this crisis and give God’s children justice and peace a chance and spare us the continuous flow of blood?” The PCC finally questions.





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