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Cameroon: Peace advocates commit to promote social cohesion, community dev’t

A group of 25 peace advocates have taken the committment to help work for social cohesion and promote peeace in their various communities.

The took the commitment on Tuesday, November 4 during a one-day workshop aimed at building the capacities of community leaders and youths in Cameroon.

Through various experts in peace, the peace advocates were trained on ways to avoid tribal, Cultural, political and linguistic divides so as to promote peace.

During the first module of the day, Dr. Emile Sunjo, lecturer at the Department of  International Relations and conflict Resolution in University of Buea told the participants that peace is not the absence of war but living together in social cohesion.

He thus stressed the peace advocates should be able to build trust amongst communities in order to reinforce social cohesion.

“Peace is a very precious commodity which  has no prize so it is incumbent on us to work together to ensure there is peace in our country starting from our families through to our immediate communities,” Tarhyang Tabe, one of the trainees and peace advocate said.

In the case of conflict which jeopardises the peace of a community, participants were urged by Primus Mbeng, researcher at the University of Buea, to always start by looking at the root causes as a means to solve the conflict or crisis.


Published on 30.06.2022

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