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Cameroon-Phillbill : ” Fake Views And Streams Doesn’t Render A Long Lasting Career”


The brain behind  Shaba Muzik concept in a post on social media explains the trickery of several music artists or producers who buy views for their contents.


Though it is true that social media brought a lot of benefits to music, it is also clear that that many are taking advantage of it in a very often fraudulent way. A reason which made the music producer and song writer, Phillbill shed light on the issue


According to Phillbill, a good number of his colleagues who decided to broadcast their contents via the streaming mode also use the opportunity to monetize views in order to increase their gains. A situation Phillbill describes as counter-productive, especially for the artist.


The writer of the music dubbed, ‘La clé‘ explains, ” A fake or artificial stream is derived using bots and scripts (automated machine processes). These automated machine processes create unusual streaming patterns that are not congruent with the behavior of an average human listener.”


He goes further saying that this turns your fan base to be robotic, but also, the accounts used because of this cheating can be banned if the practice becomes known. What is perhaps even worse in this situation and that many are unaware “false views bring absolutely nothing to the notoriety and development of the artist” hammers the producer.


In his post on his Facebook page, he adds, “Money paid to dishonest artists is money stolen from the hardworking ones who get their streams from genuine streaming listeners. For example Spotify or itunes etc can adjust stream count, limit exposure, remove songs, and withhold royalties of artists who are caught in such fraudulent acts. Fake views and streams doesn’t render you a long lasting career. It limits the exposition of your content globally.”


The solution he undersocres is to use Google Adwords or Sponsor online instead of buying fake views.

Published on 05.05.2023

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