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Cameroon plans to step-up rice production

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Reports say Cameroon is planning to produce 1.2 million tonnes of rice annually in the next ten years, in line with the rice production targets of the Rice Sector Development Programme.

Going by the reports, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Local Development, which steers the programme, has selected five regions of the country (Center, Far North, North, North-West and West) to host the different rice plantations.

The reports sates that the programme will receive financial support and technical expertise from development partners, such as China, South Korea and Japan.

Observers hold that, achieving such an objective will surely reduce the production deficit and limit rice imports, which cost 150 billion CFA francs on average. Rice is one of the most consumed products in Cameroon. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, annual national rice production is estimated at 100,000 tonnes, for an estimated annual demand of more than 300,000 tonnes.

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