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Cameroon: Government creates, transforms 105 bilingual schools

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The government of Cameroon in its bid to reinforce bilingualism across the country has created 105 bilingual schools.

To that effect, the Prime Minister, Head of Government Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on June 19 signed four decrees which stipulates the creation or transformation of these schools.

The first decree signed orders the creation of 17 bilingual secondary schools in six regions; Adamawa (3), Centre (2), Far North (2), Littoral (2), West (7)  and North (1).

In another category, 23 bilingual secondary schools in seven regions were transformed into bilingual high schools distributed as follows; West (6), Centre(5), North (5), Littoral (2), East (2), Adamawa (1), Far North (1).

Another striking decree is the transformation of 49 Government High Schools in eight regions into Government Bilingual High Schools. The transformations of the schools are distributed to the various regions as follows; Far North (13), South (7), East (6), West (6), Adamawa (6), Centre (5), Littoral (4) and North (4).

The other category concerns the transformation of 16 Government Secondary Schools into Government Bilingual Secondary schools.

In this category, the Government Secondary School Mveh is the only institution that will undergo the transformation in the North West Region. In the East, the Government Secondary School Nkolbibon, Lom and Djerem Division is also the only school in the region that will undergo the transformation. The others are distributed as follows; Far North (6), Centre (4), Littoral (2), West (2).

According to the decree signed by the PM, all these schools will go operational through a decision from the Minister of Secondary.

Published on 10.02.2021

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