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Cameroon : PM Orders Health Minister to Lift Embargo on De-pigmentation Products

Skin bleaching

Weeks after the suspension of production and sale of bleaching products in Cameroon, the minister of public health signed a circular restricting the importation of such products, report Cameroon News Agency.



On September 14 2022, about a month after the intense fight against companies such as CARIMO, NOURISHKA, MIRA COSMETICS and SISI SECRET to name but these, the Secretary General at the Prime Minister’s office has urged Dr Manaouda Malachie to remove his circular signed on August 2nd restricting the importation of cosmetics, food and more at the customs level as well as the September 2nd release on products with authorisation in the country and adopt resolutions of an inter-ministerial meeting held on September 9.

This withstands despite efforts put in place by Dr. Manaouda Malchie to eradicate  all toxic and bleaching products in the Cameroon market. Several delegations were sent to various markets and cosmetic shops to confiscate and destroy these products. A fight which was already standing on firm grounds on the national triangle has now become shaken ,loose and permitted to consumers and sellers as Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute instructs free circulation of these products.

Popular opinion has it that, this another potray of discord and misunderstanding, lack of team work amongst government officials. It is possible that, Importation of these products weight a good percentage of tax payment to the government, placing an embargo on them will simply reduce the state’s revenues , espcially in a time where the country is currently going through and economic slump. On the other hand, to merge with Dr.Manouada’s fight against bleaching, there is a possibility to place a huge tax on these products.



Meanwhile PM Dion Ngute’s warning remains to the Health boss remains trmendous, “…upon instructions from the Prime Minister, take back your circular and work with the minister of mines, industries and technological development as per the 2018 law.”

Published on 05.05.2023

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