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Cameroon: Security forces on alert after double explosion in Yaounde

Security forces in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde have been on high alert since Tuesday June 23, carrying out systematic body checks in taxis after two improvised explosive devices exploded at the Emana and Etoudi neighbourhoods.

On the night of Saturday June 20 breaking Sunday, two improvised explosive devices reportedly exploded in the Emana and Etoudi neighbourhoods in Yaounde, Centre region of Cameroon.

Following this incident, security forces in the city have been on alert since Monday June 22, carrying out systematic checks around the areas concerned by the blast.

In a message addressed to police unit heads in the region issued Tuesday June 23, the latter are called upon to carry out day and night security checks in taxis in a bit to track down possible suspects.

They have been given the go ahead to carryout body checks in taxis for both the drivers and passengers, search hand bags, car boots, seat covers to name but these ones, in search of fire arms, drugs and explosive devices.

Police authorities have however recommended that the above operation takes place without any disturbance nor harassment on the part of security forces.

It is worth mentioning that Cameroon’s Unity palace is located at the Etoudi neighbourhood, one of the areas where the sound of the blast reverberated.

Published on 10.02.2021

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