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Cameroon: Popular transgender, Shakiro beaten to ‘near-death’

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Cameroonian-born Trans celebrity Shakiro, a YouTuber who highlights the problems of the country’s banned LGBT community faces is currently receiving medical care after he was attacked by a crowd of irate people last Saturday in Douala.

According to reports, Shakiro was off on an outing with his friends when the about ten men fell on him at the Ange Raphael neighbourhood in Douala, undressed him completely and gave him a beating he is yet to forget.

The unbearable images of the scene considered homophobic by many online users have gone viral since it was committed.

Many including Valsero have taken to their social media accounts to condemn the act. “Now that you are done beaten him up, what does it profit you? I call on the international community today with all my energy. If you don’t get Shakiro out of this country, they will end up killing him! Alice NKOM […] if you don’t get Shakiro out of this country, they will end up killing him! It’s not going to solve any issue in the country… nothing! It won’t even help them with their own misery! A people who take out their frustration on people who suffer like them [Lgbt]. They can’t even walk an inch to say stop the war in the Northwest and Southwest, but they can stand up 10-20 like animals to pounce on a guy who hasn’t done anything to them…” decries Valsero in his post.

Prominent human right activist and lawyer to Shakiro, Bar. Alice Nkom has announced that the perpetrators of such a heinous act will not go unpunished.

After recovering from the merciless beaten, the transgender from his hospital bed took to his Facebook page to decry what happened to him and expressed his desire to leave Cameroon.

I will leave the country this… God is my strength. After the prison, it’s hospital and then it will be the USA…” Shakiro posted.

I am a human being after all and know that it is not my fault if I am like this. Even your visits I don’t want because nobody loves me. I won’t charge those who did this to me because God knows what he will do! Thank you for the gift dear Cameroonian. When I get out of this place, I will stay home and sleep till I die”. Shakiro added.

This attack on the transgender comes few days after he was released on bail from the New Bell prison where he was serving a five-year-term jail for contravening homosexuality laws in Cameroon.

After his release, Shakiro is said to have threatened to publish a sex tape of a man with whom he had a homosexual relationship if the latter does not give him FCFA 5 million.


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