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Cameroon: Population foils separatist attempt to kidnap fon in NW Region

The people of Babungo in the North West Region on Sunday, January 5 rose up in one voice  against the excesses of armed separatist fighters.

They foiled an attempt by Ambazonia separatist fighters to kidnap the Fon of the community, His Majesty Ndofoa Zofoa III.

They later gathered at the Fon’s palace on Monday to call to frown against excesses of the separatists in the locality and called for a return of peace.

According to the Fon, the armed separatists had stormed the palace to take him away which angered the villagers who collectively stood up to defend their tradition.

The Fon recounted that the chief priest of the village and other title holders had been kidnapped the previous day but he and his subjects gave a 24 hour ultimatum to the separatists who finally released them.

The traditional ruler used the opportunity on Monday to call on his subjects to be vigilant and be each other’s keeper.

« All I am telling the population is to stay together as one person, all for one and one for all and I think we shall overcome, » Fon Ndofoa Zofoa III said.

He called on the population to shun all separatist activities and denounce to the security forces anybody they suspect of jeopardising the community’s peace.

Sunday’s incident occured just days after the population of Balikumbat chased rose against separatists in the locality, destroying their hide outs and seizing their weapons.

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