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Cameroon: post-election hearings put Yaounde on high security alert

Security is on high alert in Yaounde as the proclammation of the results of the Presidential election draws closer (c)All rights reserved

The post election hearings have been going on at the Constitutional Council have put Cameroon’s capital on a high security alert, journalducameroun.com has noticed.

Running into its third day of hearings , the Constitutional Council is expected to deliver the final verdicts on Thursday October 18 as the country gradually approaches the deadline for the proclamation of the results.

This has put the country on alert as security forces have been deployed to strategic areas of the nation’s capital to guard against any form of violence that might erupt as a result of the outcome of the hearings.

Troops are seen in strategic roundabouts of Yaounde as is the case at the Poste Centrale in the heart of the city where a water canon and truck-load of gendarmes are stationed.

A few metres away to the Central market passing through the Avenue Kennedy, a clic of police officers are seen parading the streets while others are very watchful on the crowd around. The forces do not hesitate to disperse any suspicious gatherings around the area.

Further upwards towards the major round abouts around the Ministry of Higher Education up till the Prime Minister’s Office, security has been heavily beefed up with student police officers.

Though most of the security officers declined to talk on the record, journalducameroun.com gathered that this special security measure taken will continue to be observed in the capital as well as other major cities of the country till the proclammation of the results.

The Constitutional Council has a maximum of 15 days at the closure of the polls to proclaim the results.

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