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Cameroon: Predators of Stolen 4 Months Old Baby Arrested 

They are three men and a woman aged between 32 and 57, suspected of having stolen a newborn on September 5, 2022, in Yaounde.

The story only lasted a week. Pauline Célia Mengho, a 32-year-old mother, can once again hold her baby in her hands. The gendarmerie finally found those who held him. “This group of four people kidnapped a four-month-old baby on September 4th. After this disappearance, the mother of the baby came to declare the loss at the station. We have found the perpetrators,” said Chief Warrant Officer Julien Nnengue.
The alleged thieves of the baby are Bernadette Marie Rose Messi (32 years old), Luc Marie Bertrand Mbarga (34 years old) Jean Bruno Ndzana (32 years old), and Njankouo Ayouba Moustapha (57 years old). They were presented to the press on September 13, 2022, in Yaoundé. This September 14, they are presented to the public prosecutor so that before justice, they answer for their actions.
Indeed, according to information provided by the gendarmerie, it was on September 3 that the taxi driver registered CE 911 LT Jean Bruno transported her to the Ekounou district. He enlisted the help of Bernadette Marie Rose Messi. His wife has given birth by Caesarean section, the young woman sought to make certain meals in exchange for the resolution of some of her problems by the taxi driver. To conclude the partnership contract, the taxi driver made an appointment with the 32-year-old mother on September 4 in Nkoldongo.
Instead of the appointment, he was accompanied by the alleged thief of the baby, lady Bernadette. The latter received 10,000 FCFA from the taxi driver to steal the child. The appointment was made on September 5 for the sharing of a refreshing drink. That day, at the insistence of the executioners, Pauline Célia took the infant away. When he arrived, the taxi driver drove him about fifty meters to buy braised pork. Taking advantage of this distraction, Bernadette Marie Rose Messi disappeared with the baby.
Then, the two accomplices took the baby to the traditional healer Moustapha in the Mvog-Ada district. Five days later they were caught in a hospital at a place called two horses. This arrest thus signaled the end of the course of the alleged thieves. Now begins another journey, that of examining the case before the courts.

Published on 05.05.2023

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