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Cameroon: President Biya addresses nation at last this evening

Cameroon's Head of State, H.E Paul Biya (c) copyright

Cameroon’s Head of State, President Paul Biya will for the first time since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country on March 6 talk to his fellow compatriots this Tuesday in an unusual though highly awaited May 19 address.

In a tweet posted Tuesday afternoon, President Biya announces he will address Cameroonians at 8pm in a message that will be broadcast on State radio, television and social media platform.

This will be the first time Paul Biya adresses Cameroonians on the eve of the celebration of the National Unity Day, the 48th edition that will be observed without the usual fanfare because of the need to respect some anti-Coronavirus measures prescribed by the Government and the World Health Organization, including social distancing.

It will equally be the first address of the Head of State to Cameroonians since Coronavirus showed its ugly face on March 6.

From March 6 to May 18, Cameroon has recorded over three thousand Coronavirus cases, close to two hundred deaths and over one thousand recoveries.



Published on 28.04.2020

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