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Cameroon: President Biya appoints top management of three state corporations

President Paul Biya (c) All rights reserved

Paul Biya, Cameroon’s President has signed presidential decree appointing top management of three state corporations.

Going by the decree signed December 14, Mohamadou Saoudi  has been appointed as Board Chair of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL while Judith Yasonde, epouse Achidi is been designated as Director General. The Deputy Director General of CAMTEL is Olé Daniel Désiré.

Another appointments were at the National School of Administration where Soumbou Angoula Bertrand Pière is appointed as the Director General while Arouna is the Deputy Director Genral of ENAM.  Going by the decree, Matoya Cletus is the new Director General of Development Mission in the North West, MIDENO.

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