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Cameroon: President Of National Assembly Denounces “underground unions » – OTS

June 2022 Ordinary session
June 2022 Ordinary session

At the opening of the June parliamentary session, the President of the National Assembly Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, attacked the demands of the teaching profession.

I also denounce here, for the particular case of teachers, the attempts to use their demands for political purposes on the one hand, and the emergence of clandestine unions on the other,” he said on 7 June.

Even if the PNA does not say so explicitly, his allusion points to the teachers’ demand movements ‘On a trop supporteré’ (OTS) and ‘On a trop attendu’ (OTA) in secondary and primary education. On the fringes of the teachers’ unions, OTS launched a strike last February to demand payment of their social rights, i.e. more than 181 billion CFA francs claimed from the state. However, the government only recognises 121 billion CFA francs.

The government has undertaken to settle part of this debt. At the same time, however, it has banned these movements in order to negotiate only with the unions.

The National Assembly thus fully subscribes to the government’s instructions to the governors, prefects and sub-prefects in the ten regions to use all means to annihilate the actions of these puppet unions,” said the deputy president at the beginning of the parliamentary session.

Cavayé Yéguié Djibril took the opportunity to encourage the government “not only to opt for dialogue“. He took the opportunity to “denounce the endemic evils that plague the action of our administrations. These are administrative slowness, corruption or the offence of professional conscience on the part of some state personnel’.

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