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Cameroon press focuses on obituaries, politics

Most Cameroonian newspapers published this Friday pay a heartfelt tribute to businessman Joseph Kadji Defosso, while describing the country’s  political sphere in bill up to the country’s 2018 Presidential election.

French dailies like Le Messager, Cameroon Tribune, L’Essentiel, Mutations and Quodidien de l’economie all had headlines trying who Kadji was to the country.”King Kadji is dead. Long live the king ! »; “Kadji Defosso is dead”; “Kadji Defosso: death of a great Cameroonian”; “The fabulous story of Kadji Defosso”.

Le Jour on it’s part revealed that Kadji was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Starting small as his business acumen gradually allowed him to build an industrial and real estate empire which Le Jour states makes the pride of Cameroon.

Beyond the industry, L’Essentiel, says the famous billionaire invested in sport through renown football academy that has trained talents like Samuel Eto’o and Idriss Carlos Kameni.
Joseph Kadji Defosso, along with former UN Secretary General, Ghanaian Kofi Annan, disappeared a few days earlier, from those landmark figures that Africa, according to Le Soir.

Meanwhile, English daily, The Guardian Post holds that President Paul Biya, has lost one of the main financiers of his election campaigns. The lone English-language daily also announce, “deadly confrontation” with the security forces. It equally states that the Social Democratic Front (SDF), has vowed to defy government’s ban on public demonstration to demand the removal of polling stations in military camps.



mm Published on 01.08.2022

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