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Cameroon: Public health personnel to benefit from “COVID-19 bonus”

Public health personnel in Cameroon have been promised a “COVID-19 bonus” in replacement of their FCFA 2400 technical bonus legally suspended recently as they continue to put their lives at risk to help the country put the deadly Coronavirus pandemic at bay.

This is one of the resolutions arrived at after Tuesday August 4 concertation between the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manouda and the “collectif des medecins indignés” constituted following the suspension of FCFA 2400 technical bonus benefited by some public health personnel.

The two parties agreed on the one hand that the suspension of the technical bonus is irrevocable because it goes in line with Government’s current policy of cleaning up the state’s balance file.

On the other hand, Minister Malachie Manaouda assured them he has launched a plea for a special motivation of health personnel involved in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

“We did obtain our FCFA 2400 back but at the place we obtained a promise of a COVID-19 bonus and a motivation from the special solidarity fund…” Dr Daniel Massi Gams, spokesperson of the “collecif” said.

The health personnel were also challenged to unite with the Government in the fight against the virus that has already claimed over three hundred lives in Cameroon and infected close to eighteen thousand.

Published on 28.04.2020

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