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Cameroon: Racing FC In Agony, Solutions Underway

racing bafoussam

The prominent club of Bafoussam is going through a bad patch and is at the bottom of the national championship. An emergency meeting has just been convened by the Governor of the West region.

We must save West’s region TPO, Tout Puissant de l’Ouest, (West Almighty). This is the content of the meeting organised on May 11 in Bafoussam. Summoned by the governor of the West region, Awa Fonka Augustine, it was all about brainstorming on how to overcome the evils that overhang the Racing Football Club.

There are, for example, sporting issues where the club fails to bring back points and is threatened with relegation to the second division. For the first phase of the season, Racing recorded eight defeats and three draws. There are also other non-sporting problems such as salary arrears.

There is therefore an urgent need, according to Awa Fonka Augustine, to start again on new bases so that the team regains its luster. This is why a transitional management committee has been set up.

The committee will have to work under the supervision of the senior Bafoussam chief, Njitak Ngompe Pelé. A major cleaning is announced within the management of the club. This will be one of the subjects of the next meeting scheduled for May 15, 2022.

Published on 05.05.2023

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