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Cameroon records slight increase in COVID-19 weekly infections

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Cameroon has recorded five hundred and thirty-two new weekly Coronavirus infections, an increase of two hundred and one cases recorded the previous week, making a total of eighteen thousand, one hundred and eighteen infected persons.

Cameroon is five months and few days in to the Coronavirus pandemic and though the country has witnessed a great decrease in the number of infections recently, people keep contracting the virus.

According to figures communicated by the Ministry of Public Health during this Thursday’s weekly inter-ministerial meeting to monitor and evaluate Government’s response plan against the virus, the country recorded five hundred and thirty-two new infections for the past one week, an increase of 201 cases recorded the previous week.

It has equally witnessed an increase in the number of recoveries, from fifteen thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six to sixteen thousand, five hundred and forty.

As for COVID-19 deaths, the country equally witnessed an increase in its weekly cases, from two to eight, giving a total of four undred and one deaths.

Speaking at the inter-ministerial meeting, the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute called for a re-enforcement of the Head of State’s anti-COVID-19 measure instituting the mandatory wearing of facemasks in all public spaces nationwide so as to reverse the trend.

Published on 28.04.2020

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