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Cameroon-Registration On Electoral Lists: Electoral Council Satisfy

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Statistics show that 237,931 new voters to date have been registered against 64,949 at the same period last year, giving a total of 7,197,779 voters in Cameroon.

It is one of the major announcements of the second ordinary session of the Electoral Council for the current year. Despite the heavy climate of work following the recent death of Mbu Peter, a member of the Council, the meeting of June 29, 2022, aimed at taking stock of the work done over the past three months through the quarterly report of the activities of the current year presented by the General Manager of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) Erick Essousse.
According to the gazeti237, it was all about reassuring itself that the General Management of Elecam kept in orbit the trajectory defined by the members of the council while emphasizing on the recommendations resulting from the tripartite with the government, relating to the functioning of the mixed commissions for the revision of the electoral lists.
Following the satisfactory results, the President of the Electoral Council of Elecam, Enow Abrams Egbe did not fail to appreciate the efforts of all the stakeholders involved in the electoral process (Administration, Municipal Magistrates, political parties, media and organization of the society civil) and who have been working alongside Elecam since the start of registration “All these actors contribute to harmonizing operations on the ground and making our actions more credible, to consolidate the state of the national electoral register, in the prospect of deadlines that are already on the horizon”. 
In the register of prospects, the president indicated that the members of the Electoral Council will have to travel through all the territorial divisions in the coming days to supervise the closing of registration operations throughout the national triangle.
It should be recalled that several missions have been assigned to Elections Cameroon. It is not only a question of facilitating the democratic process but also of providing adequate and concrete responses to the operational and technical difficulties encountered on the ground by the actors of the electoral process.

Published on 03.01.2023

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