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Cameroon: Released muslim scholar reaffirms committment for S. Cameroons struggle

Muslim scholar Abdul Karim who was released last weekend after spending over a month in a detention facility in Yaounde has pledged to continue his fight for justice to the people of Southern Cameroon.

He was welcomed earlier this week in Bamenda by family members and friends in an emotional ceremony which has forced the mulim scholar to pen a letter reaffirming his commitment to fight against what he calls injustice.

“Throughout my abduction and illegal detention by the Government of Cameroun, I lost not hope for I knew you all were at work with God and the world to ensure my release” Abdul Karim said in a letter.

“Justice is costly but it is the most noble course to pursue. We must all together relentlessly ensure the minorities are served Justice”

““Southern Cameroons deserves Justice as much as the rest of the world….I reaffirm my dedication to the the quest for Justice and peace especially for the people of Southern Cameroons. If you all went through all what you did to secure my release, it is because you believe in the principle of peace and my modest contribution to the peace process”


Published on 03.01.2023

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