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Cameroon: Religious leaders back recovery plan for Anglophone regions

Village burnt in Cameroon's Anglophone region (c)All rights reserved

Leaders from various religious denominations have backed plans by the government of Cameroon and the United Nations Development Programme to reconstruct the Anglophone regions ravaged by the ongoing conflict which started late in 2016.

Religious leaders – from the Roman Catholic Church, His Emminence Christian Cardinal Tumi, Mgr Andrew Nkea (Archbishop of Bamenda), Mgr Michael Bibi (Apostolic Administrator of Buea), the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Rt Reverend Samuel Fonki, the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, Dr Godwill Cham Chiatoh, the General Superintendent of the Full Gospel Mission, Reverend Enonchong Daniel, the Imam of the Bamenda Central Mosque, Tukur Mohammed Adamu, the Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, Mallam Mohamed Abubakar and the head of the Anglican communion Bishop Dibo Elango- all met on Wednesday July 5 in Douala  with the UNDP to discuss the reconstruction programme.

In their discussions, they focused on how the recovery programme could alleviate the effects of the socioeconomic impact of the crisis on the population.

They equally looked at the heavy impact of the COVID-19 on the crisis hit regions and appealed to donors to contribute resources for the programme.

“…the religious leaders in support of the UNDP programme, strongly endorse and support the implementation of the recovery programme as it focuses on the people in strengthening social cohesion, revitalisation of local economy, and access to basic services,” the leaders said in a statement.

The also appealed to the populations of the North West and South West Regions to cooperate and facilitate the implementation of the programme.

The endorsement of the reconstruction plan by religious leaders comes just days after the US Under Secretary in charge of African Affairs Tibor Nagy cast doubts over the implementation of the project while the war is still going on in the North West and South West Regions.




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