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Cameroon: Remembering Patrick Ekema, as the ‘Nyamoto Kpwatolo’!

Tributes have been pouring in after the passing away of Patrick Ekema Esunge, Mayor of Buea until Sunday October 27.

Alive or dead, Patrick Ekema Eunge has never been far away from talking points and with his strong actions aimed at holding his municipality together.

His bravery fighting on all fronts against people he termed ‘enemies’ earned him criticisms but equally praises from his admirers.

One of such recognitions for his bravery was in the South Region on July 26, where he was awarded the title of ‘Nyamoto Kpwatolo’ by traditional rulers of the South Region.

‘Nyamoto Kpwatolo’ literally translated as a brave warrior typified a man who had single-handedly fought against Ambazonia separatists in Buea.

Patrick Ekema was instrumental in battling for the release of several Fako chiefs who had been kidnapped by Ambazonia separatist fighters.

He championed the fight against ghost towns and lockdowns in his muicipality and did not hesitate to go down on the field every Monday to ensure the towns was active.

I addition to battling against his numerous political adversaries, Ekema Patrick fought a noble fight to better the livelihood of inhabitants of the municipality through several social and sports programs put in place by the Buea Council. Internally displaced persons have found a new home in Buea thanks to the Buea Council’s numerous hospitality programs.

Ekema Patrick leaves the stage as the municipality continues to battle against separatist actions but he will be remembered for his bravery in setting the ball rolling to keep the municipality up against any insurgency.  He was a brave warrior, he was the ‘Nyamoto Kpwatolo’!

Published on 28.04.2020

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