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Cameroon: ‘Repented Ambazonia General’ cheats death in Kondengui

A former ‘Ambazonia General’ who recently dumped the armed conflict was almost lynched to death today at the Yaounde Central prison in Kondengui, sources say.

Leonard Nambere aka General Nambere went visiting inmates today but was confronted by a group of irrate Anglophone detainees who yelled at hie and called him a ‘traitor’ before pouncing on him, sources at the prison said.

It took the intervention of warders to dispere the prisoners and smuggle General Nambere, who had suffered injuries, out of the detention facility for treatment.

Leaonard Nambere only returned to Cameroon from Nigeria on December 31, 2019 after announcing he had renounced the Ambazonia struggle.

He was received by government officials at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport alongside another prominent Ambazonia activist, Dr Success Nkongho and 85 other refugees who had voluntarily decided to return home.

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