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Cameroon: Residence of teacher accused of sodomizing student to death in Bangante destroyed

Part of the teacher's house destroyed (c) copyright

The house of the teacher accused of having sodomized his 14-year-old student to death in Madja, Bangante, West region of Cameroon have been destroyed by the population of the area in response to the act.

According to reports, the body of the 14-year-old was discovered hanging from the ceiling in an abandoned building hours after he was declared missing.

Local sources say given that the young boy was last seen with his teacher, many enquired from him on the child’s whereabouts but he said he knew nothing.

When the boy’s body was discovered, the teacher was arrested and under pressure, he revealed he had sodomized his student who died in the process.

In a bid to cover up the incident, the teacher allegedly said he hung the child’s body to a rope in the abandoned building to make it look like he had taken his own life away.

After he was taken away by the police, the angry population stormed his house, burnt it down, plus the teacher’s car and poultry farm with close to 1000 chicks.

The teacher is currently in police custody and an enquiry has been opened.

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