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Cameroon: “Resistance for Cameroon’s renaissance continues”-Tiriane Noah

Tiriane Noah, CRM interim President (c) copyright

The second vice President now interim leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement in the absence of its President Maurice Kamto and 1st vice President Mamadou Mota, Tiriane Noah has reiterated that the party will continue the struggle.

Tiriane Noah made the declaration in a video published on Youtube Thursday June 6, 2019.

Today interim President of the party due to circumstances, Tiriane Noah took to social media to reiterate that the party will continue protesting until death.

“In the past, we have taken big challenges on. We will rise more again just as our founding fathers did, sometimes at the price of the ultimate sacrifice.” Tiriane said.

Condemning the arrest of some Pro Kamto supporters who took to the streets last Saturday June 1 and defied Government’s orders, Tiriane announced that “resistance continues”, highlighting she is convinced that together they shall overcome.

She ended by demanding the immediate release of all political leaders, those detained because of the Anglophone crisis, the release of Prof Maurice Kamto “elected President”, Mamadou Mota, His Majesty Biloa Effa, Barrister Ndoki, and other MRC militants.

After the protest marches of January 26 and June 1 this year, over 500 CRM militants were arrested and detained.

Published on 28.04.2020

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