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Cameroon: Results of Regional election expected latest Wednesday

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Results of the country’s pioneer Regional election that took place Sunday December 6 are expected to be made public as from Tuesday December 8 in some regions and tomorrow Wednesday in others.

According to reports, local polling commissions in some regions are still harmonizing information forwarded by local voting commissions for the proclamation of results as from this Tuesday December 8 in compliance with section 265 (1) of the Electoral Code.

Regions expecting results latest this Tuesday evening are the Littoral, the East, the South, the South West, the West and the North to name but these ones.

In the meantime, regional supervisory commissions are crosschecking files and making sure the final reports are set for the proclamation of results.

On the other hand, results in the Centre and Adamawa regions will be made public tomorrow Wednesday.

Though official figures are yet to be proclaimed, results trends show that as for political parties, the Party for National Reconciliation of Cabral Libii has lost all its Regional seats in its stronghold, Nyong and Kelle Division in the Centre region in favour of the CPDM.

Other trends indicate that the CDU emerges victorious in the Noun Division, meanwhile the CPDM is about to control at least eight regions.

Published on 03.01.2023

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