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Cameroon: ‘Roll Back Malaria’ sets priorities for 2021

Members of the National Committee in the fight against Malaria, Roll Back Malaria, have set a road map to tackle the disease in remote areas in the country this year.

The committee set its priorities for 2021 last Thursday, February 18 during their first annual meeting which was equally aimed at evaluating activities of the past year.

By adhering to the “Roll Back Malaria (RBM)” initiative in 1998 introduced by the World Health Organisation and its partners, Cameroon recognized malaria as a public health concern.

However, despite the general drop in the prevalence rate from 30 to 24 percent between 2011 and 2018 and the drop in the mortality rate linked to this disease (since 2016, nearly 07 million cases and 11 deaths each year), a causal analysis of the situation reveals a spread of vector resistance to insecticides; low use of mosquito nets, poor access to quality case management services and low quality of reported data.

The National Committee for Roll Back Malaria set up therefore has the mission of coordinating the actors involved in the fight against malaria, defining the main orientations and general objectives of the response and mobilizing the necessary resources.

Opening the first annual meeting on behalf of the Minister of Public Health, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health, Professor Louis Richard Ndjock recalled that the meeting of February 18, 2021 aimed to share the results achieved to date in the fight against malaria in Cameroon, present proposals for new strategies for the fight against malaria and revitalize the functioning of the National Committee for Roll Back Malaria, to link it to new multisectoral approaches to the fight against malaria and to decentralise efforts for a better impact of interventions.

After going through the various successes and challenges in the previous year, the members all agreed that efforts will be decentralised especially in rural areas to ensure an effective fight against the disease.

The National Committee for Roll Back Malaria meets twice every year for their ordinary session and in extraordinary sessions for exceptional and emergency cases.

Published on 10.02.2021

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