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Cameroon: RSF condemns detention of Anglophone journalist Kingsley Njoka

detained journalist, Kingsley Njoka (c) copyright

International Non-Government Organisation that safeguards the right to freedom of information, Reporters Without Borders, RSF has condemned the arrest and detention of Anglophone journalist Kingsley Njoka Fomonyuy, accused of collaborating with Separatists.

In a statement issued Tuesday June 30, Reporters Without Borders denounces the arrest and provisional detention of Anglophone freelance journalist, Kingsley Njoka over allegations it says are yet to be substantiated.

Kingsley Njoka was picked up at his home in Douala, Littoral region last May, reportedly held incommunicado for three weeks and later on placed in provisional detention for six months, beginning from June 12 over charges of secessionism and collusion with an armed group.

According to one of his lawyers whom RSF say they got in contact with, “his arrest is linked to his criticism of the way the Cameroonian authorities have handled the crisis in the English-speaking regions.”

“The allegations against this journalist have yet to be substantiated and his detention incommunicado for several weeks would doubtless have been longer were it not for the serious revelations about the death of his English-speaking colleague Samuel Wazizi, who was also arrested for his coverage of the crisis in western Cameroon,” said Arnaud Froger,  the head of RSF’s Africa desk.

“It is a serious cause for concern that Cameroonian journalists such as those who report on the Anglophone conflict are held incommunicado, routinely linked with terrorists and tried by special courts…” He added.

Published on 10.02.2021

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