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Cameroon: Samuel Wazizi, one year after death in custody!

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This Wednesday June 2 marks exactly one year after the death of Buea-based pidgin broadcaster, Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe aka Samuel Wazizi in detention was announced by Equinox Television.


The Douala-based television had indicated that the journalist who was arrested and accused of complicity in acts of terrorism with separatist fighters died within few days in detention from wounds sustained due to torture.

This announcement sent shock waves across, given that his family, colleagues and international right groups had been pushing for his physical appearance in court for months and their requests had yielded no fruits.

The Government finally confirmed he died few days after his detention at the Yaounde Military Hospital from severe sepsis, denying allegations of torture and stating that the family had been informed of his death, an argument they refuted.

Following calls for investigation to determine the exact cause of his death in custody, the Government announced  a probe whose conclusions are yet to be made public.

Reports say till date, the body of the journalist has not been returned to the family.

Responding to the question of a member of parliament during a question and answer session at the National Assembly last April, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo indicated that investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding his death are still ongoing.

He added that Samuel Wazizi’s case was particular one since he is accused of having “used his position for aims that poses a threat to the security of the country…”




Published on 10.02.2021

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