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Cameroon, Saudi Arabia rekindle cooperation ties

Biya offering a symbolic gift

Bilateral relation between Cameroon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been rekindled.

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA granted an audience to Saudi Arabia’s Assistant Minister of Defence – Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Ayesh.

During the audience at the Unity Palace on Monday 19 November 2018, both personalities met and reviewed the excellent cooperation ties existing between Cameroon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has a rich experience in fighting terrorism and Cameroon that has been hit in recent years by an upsurge of terrorist attacks stands to benefit from the experience.

It should be recalled that relations between Cameroon and Saudi Arabia has witnessed a steady boom in the domains of culture and economy. Also many Cameroonians pilgrims go to Saudi Arabia every year for the Hajj.

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