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Cameroon: Sawa traditional rulers join “Batchenga call” peace caravan

Sawa chiefs (c) copyright

Traditional rulers of the littoral region have joined the Batchenga call peace caravane initiated by the Pan African Council of traditional rulers that aims to see peace return to Cameroon.

The decision was announced Wednesday during a press conference granted in Douala. During this conference, it was disclosed that to this effect, a traditional and spiritual ritual will take place on the banks of River Wouri Sunday August 04, 2019.

The aim of the ritual is to invoke their ancestors and implore God’s blessings for peace to reign in Cameroon.

According to the spokesperson of the Sawa Chiefs, Alain Mouangue Dissake, the chiefs will observe a vigil on Saturday evening, involving only initiates that is, chiefs from the four Divisions of the Littoral region.

He further explained that Sunday’s ceremony will begin with a grand procession, followed by a meeting and finally the traditional rites.

This move by the Sawa chiefs is in response to the peace caravan launched by the Pan African Council of traditional rulers in June in Batchenga out of the desire to make their own contribution toward the return of peace in the restive regions.


Published on 03.01.2023

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