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Cameroon: SDF supporter hits back at Limbe chiefs over Fru Ndi ‘key’ saga

Reactions have been pouring after some chiefs of Limbe sub division teamed up to call on the Paramount chief elect to withdraw the symbolic key which he handed to the Chairman of the SDF last weekend.

SDF Limbe District Head Thomas Likiye Otto has come out strong to blast the chiefs describing their actions as embarassing to the people of the city.

“The Chairman was very honored to receive the Keys to the Chiefdom of Limbe from HRH Johny Manga Williams the Paramount Ruler of Limbe. As the Chairman always says he is a ‘kolanut eater’. For those who don’t know, kolanut eaters are respecters of tradition and there was no way he could visit the great city of Limbe without honouring the charismatic traditional ruler of a city that for centuries has practiced and preached the culture of living together,” Thomas Likiye Otto said.

He described the communiqué signed by the chiefs as hate filled but sacarstically noted the SDF Chairman will be ready to evaluate their own proposal for a key.

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