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Cameroon: SDO threatens to sanction runaway civil servants in Bui Division

Houses up in flames in Nkum, Bui division

Sanctions await civil servants and Mayors who have abandoned their duty stations in Bui Division, the Senior Divisional Officer Simon Emile Mooh has threatened.

In two separate communiqués signed by the Senior Divisional Officers, civil servants as well as other state agents and mayors ho have escaped to safer zones have been urged to return to the duty posts or face sanctions.

The SDO has instructed all Divisional Officers in his area of jurisdiction to ensure effective presence at duty stations of all those concerned and forward names of all those absent for appropriate sanctions.

Bui Division has been the centre of violent clashes between security forces and separatist fighters forcing several residents to flee their homes for safer areas.

The insecurity in Bui is equally common in other parts of the North West and South West regions, especially in rural areas where several civil servants and state agents have fled due to ongoing clashes between security forces and separatist fighters.


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