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Cameroon: Secondary education boss reacts to stabbing of maths teacher to death

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The Minister of Secondary education, Prof Nalova Lyonga has strongly condemned the act on indiscipline that led to the stabbing to death of a young mathematics teacher by his student at the Government High School Nkolbisson Tuesday January 14, 2020.

Speaking at the school premises where she reported upon getting the news of the tragedy, Minister Nalova Lyonga frowned with some parents who have taken it as a habit to scold at teachers who tend to discipline their disrespectful children.

“We have a problem everywhere. We have a problem in the schools, we have a problem in the society. This student came with a knife. Where was the knife coming from? The knife was not in school. He certainly came with the knife from home. When the schools discipline children, the parents come and scold the teachers…”

“Instead of finding out why the child has a problem, they scold the teachers to the extent that the teachers begin to think that they are victims. The teachers are not victims. The teachers are trying to discipline the children. What I have told the teachers is that they themselves have to make a distinction between a disciplinary case and a case which is criminal. They should be able to report to the special police that have been put at the disposal of the schools so that they can do their work…” Minister Nalova Lyonga hinted.

Talking about the circumstances surrounding the death of the young maths teacher, the Minister disclosed it wasn’t yet clear on whether he died stabbed with a pair of compass or knife but assured investigations are ongoing.

Promising that the law will surely take its course in this matter, Prof Nalova Lyonga on behalf of the Government and the entire education community extended her heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

On Tuesday January 14, 2020, Njomi Tchakounte Boris Kevin, a Mathematics teacher was stabbed to death during a maths lesson by his form three student who is currently in police custody.

Published on 28.04.2020

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