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Cameroon : Security forces release pro Kamto protesters arrested on Saturday

At least 43 persons who were arrested on Saturday in Yaounde following protests organised by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement have been released, the government of Cameroon has said.

A protest planned by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement on Saturday June 8 was foiled by security forces who proceeded in dispersing and arresting the protesters.

The Spokesperson for Marice Kamto Olivier Bibou Nissack said over 200 persons where arrested and taken to unknown destinations.

However, the government has revealed 66 persons who claimed no political affiliation were arrested while 43 of them have been released.

« Of the 19 individuals arrested by the gendarmerie, 11 have been released while the oters will be released after customary checks, »the government said while equally disissed rumours the arrested were tortured while in detention.

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