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Cameroon: Senate Receives Four Bills


The four texts adopted in the National Assembly are on the table of the senators since Monday 21 November 2022.

10 days after the beginning of the parliamentary session for the November 2022 session, the parliamentary shuttle begins between the two chambers. The National Assembly has just adopted and transmitted to the Senate four bills received on Monday 14 November 2022.

The Upper House will, after the Lower House, proceed to the examination and eventual adoption of these texts emanating from the government. The four bills mentioned below concern different matters. They are :

the bill to establish the Rules of Procedure of the Republic of Cameroon for the financial year 2021; the bill to repress piracy, terrorism and offences against the safety of maritime navigation and platforms the draft law authorising the President of the Republic to ratify the general cooperation agreement between the Republic of Cameroon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed on 10 November 2021 the bill on the accession of Cameroon to the Africa Finance Corporation.

The senators will consider these texts in the coming days, taking into account the interests of decentralised territorial authorities, which are the communes and regions.

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