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Cameroon: Separatist Kill Five Gendarmes In Western Region


A separatist attack was recorded during the night of 7 to 8 June in the locality of Njitapon located on the border of the West and North-West regions on the banks of Lake Bambalang.


According to security sources, five elements of the Gendarmerie Nationale’s Groupement polyvalent d’intervention , an elite unit of the Gendarmerie, were killed.

The same sources report that the attack took place between midnight and 3am. The gendarmerie post was reportedly attacked with rockets and burned to the ground, killing five gendarmes, including the lieutenant who commanded the detachment. The bodies were also burnt by the militia. However, two survivors were transported to a hospital.

No deaths were reported on the side of the attackers who are said to have retreated to Bambalang, in the North West region, while reinforcements continued to arrive at the scene of the attack.

Reports, which SBBC was unable to confirm from independent sources, also indicate that the attack was carried out by General No Pity, the militia leader of the separatist group Marines of Bambalang.

“General No Pity”  as funly called has been actively sought by the military since 16 September 2021. On that day, a patrol of about 15 soldiers from the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) was ambushed by the militia leader. All were killed. Since then, the army has not stopped tracking down Mbashie Clement, a young man in his thirties better known under the nickname ‘General No Pity’.

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