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Cameroon: Separatists urged to engage in peaceful moves to resolve Anglophone crisis

Separatist fighters in Bamenda (c) copyright

The US Senate has urged armed separatist groups in Cameroons North West and South West regions to engage in pacific actions that will facilitate a return to normalcy in the two Anglophone regions.

In a draft resolution earlier tabled by nine US Senators and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations, US lawmakers urges armed separatists to respect human rights and cease attacks on civilians and schools.

Engage with government officials to peacefully express grievances…engage in nonviolent efforts to resolve the conflict…stop committing human rights abuses including killings of civilians, torture, kidnappings…” Part of the draft says.

They have equally been urged to end attacks on teachers, education officials and end school boycott for the 2019/2020 academic year to be effective in these two regions.

Since the beginning of the crisis in late September 2016, education in those parts of the country has been compromised at many levels.

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