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Cameroon: Sepratist hardliners react after impechment of detained Ambazonia leader

The ‘impeachment’ of the detained leader of the Ambazonia separatist movement Julius Ayuk Tabe is tearing followers apart as some are in support while others against.

The power tussle that emerged since Julius Ayuk Tabe decided from jail to dismiss the Samuel Sako-led government and installed another governt sparked the power tussle.

The so-called Restoration Council that threw its weight behind Samuel Sako stepped in and ‘impeached’ Julius Ayuk Tabe much to the dislike of separatist hardliner Ayaba Cho of the Ambazonia Governing Council.

Ayaba Cho Lucas in an outing on Tuesday said he will fight for the detained Julius Ayuk Tabe as he will fight for any other detained as he frowned at the decission impeaching the detained leader.

“You cannot attack the integrity of a high profile prisoner. I must not love Ayuk Julius Tabe before I fight for him but I will fight for him as a matter of principle. You can keep your President but we will keep Ayuk Julius Tabe… If Dr. Samuel Sako is abducted today, I shall forget all differences and fight for him with my blood. I want you all to reject blackmail. We are sending our love to the wife of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, “Ayaaba Cho said on Tuesday.

On the other hand, separatist activist Mark Bareta has equally thrown his weight behind the detained separatist leader and said he will keep backing him while in jail because no one has shown proof he is compromised as it has been claimed in several quarters.

Published on 05.05.2023

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