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Cameroon: Several houses burnt down in Kumbo

At least thirty houses have been burnt down in Kumbo, Bui division of the North West region of Cameroon, sources in the locality have confirmed.

Local sources accused the military of torching houses in Kumbo, Mbuluf and other neighbouring villages since Sunday in search of Ambazonia fighters in the area.

This ha rendered several persons homeless and forced others to seek refuge in the bushes as violent scenes have increased in the area in recent days.

The Cameroon army has always denied burning houses of civilians though the spokesman of the Army Col. Didier Badjeck said in an interview with the Washington Post that they will burn down any place hosting separatist fighters.

Kumbo has been the epicentre of violent scenes at the weekend after gunmen kidnapped at least 170 students of the Saint Augustine College on Saturday before releasing them.

This forced security forces to descend on the area in search of the armed separatist fighters which led to exchange of fire.

The Saint Augustine College has since shut down its doors and asked parents to come and collect their children of they were released.

Published on 28.04.2020

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