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Cameroon-Sexual Violence: Female Gender Exposed To Predators 

Gender based violence

According to the informative note of the National Institute of Statistics on gender-based violence in Cameroon, 57% of spouses are at the origin of sexual abuse of women, as against 54% of men.

A survey by Data Cameroon, outlines the National Institute of Statistics of Cameroon (NIS)  note on gender-based violence in Cameroon, revealed that in 2018, 2% of women suffered their first sexual violence before the age of 15. During this same period, 6% of women declared having been victims of sexual assault before the age of 18.
According to the analysis, “the most exposed being those in union or breakup, of the 10 regions in the country, the Center is the one with the most cases. Unlike the Far North where these abuses are less frequent. However, the number of victims is almost the same in rural areas as in urban areas. That is 5% of women in the countryside and 6% in the city”.
According to this policy note published in May 2022, 5% of women were victims of sexual violence at some point in their life, in 2017. A percentage which rose by 8% the following year, to the point to reach 13%.
While women seem to be the main victims in a couple, the NIS reveals that men are not spared. 54% of perpetrators of sexual assault among men are their current or estranged spouses and 24% are ex-husbands or partners. That is a difference of only 3% compared to women, of whom 57% of current or broken-up spouses are the perpetrators of their assaults and 36% of ex-partners or husbands.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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