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Cameroon: Shisong hospital dismisses rumours of military attack

The management of the Saint Elisabeth Cardiac Center, Shisong, Bui Division of the North West region has dismissed rumours of a military attack on the heealth facility.

In a communiqué, the hospital said they had suffered no such attacks as rumoured by several activists of various social media platforms.

Rumours have been rife since Sunday of a military attack on the health centre in search of injured separatist fighters in the locality but the health centre has finally cleared the air.

They wrote on their Facebook Page:

“Friends, we are very grateful for your concern. Shisong Hospital, your favourite health service facility, has not been burnt as you might have heard. However, do continue to pray because all is not well with us and our people. We and our entire staff remain committed to “see and serve Christ in all by spending time to care. God bless you.”


Published on 28.04.2020

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