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Cameroon: Shootings erupt in Buea after killig of child by gendarme officer

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Gunshots have erupted in several parts of Molyko, a neighbourhood in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon following the killing of a three-year old by a gendarme officer.

Sources say the teenager was shot and killed in a vehicle by a gendarme officer early morning as she was heading to school.

The gendarme officer is said to have opened fire on the vehicle around a check point with the bullet hitting the vehicle from the back before killing the child.

This provoked the irate population to descend on the scene and brutalise before lynching the gendarme officer Protesters then marched on the streets of Molyko with the mortal remains of the teenager as yhey headed to the Governor’s office.

The incident has grounded activities in Buea as seurity forces have since stepped in, firing shots in the sir to disprse crowds.

However, the shots have been consistent which have forced several school children in Molyko to flee away from school for their safety.

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